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Plug and Play: Agrointelli


Agrointelli’s Elevator Pitch:

We deliver a fully automated implement carrier for agricultural and horticultural production systems with a complete digital infrastructure enabling efficient planning, execution, supervision, and documentation of all in-field tasks performed by our robot. The robot “Robotti” enables the farmer and grower to reduce uniform repetitive working conditions, save energy, minimize use of pesticides, and improve documentation and traceability in the food chain.

How did you get the idea to start your company? 

I [Founder & CEO Ole Green] am a farmer who grew up on a farm and learned to understand the needs of the soil and the plants. I then educated myself as an agro-engineer and agronomist and received a Ph.D. in electronics, all related to agriculture. For the last 20 years, I have been working with automation of plant production and our company is the product of 25 years of education and hard work.

What does it mean to be a part of Plug and Play’s North Dakota Agtech Program?

Participation in Plug and Play’s North Dakota Agtech Program has given me a lot of new connections and insight into possibilities for how to open the US market as an EU-based company. The Plug and Play team has introduced us to valuable partners and potential investors.

If your product/service was already being used by everyone globally, what impact would that have?

Today we have deployed our Robotti in more than 15 countries, primarily in Europe, enabling farmers and growers to save money and become more efficient and more sustainable.

How are you incorporating growers into your business plan?

We have, in the first years of the company’s existence, entered into dialogue with farmers and growers all over the globe to understand their needs and pains. Though we are currently primarily on the European market, our robot has already been tested with farmers in California, Mexico, Canada, and Australia.

Where do you see your company in 10 years?

Hopefully having a global impact on sustainable food production.

By participating in Plug and Play’s North Dakota Agtech Program, what do you hope to accomplish? Have you considered expanding your operations to the Upper Midwest?

We hope to create a stronger network and a platform to enter the US market.

This magazine reaches 16,000+ farmers. In one sentence, what would you like to tell them?

Automation and robotics are not futuristic things—they are now, and they can transform your business today.

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