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I’m All Ears (Of Corn)

When you’re out on the farm all day, it’s hard to find time to keep up with agriculture news and important advancements in the fields. These podcast – which can be listened to while you work – make it much easier to get the info you need without having to find time to search for it and read it. With a variety of styles and topic, this list of podcasts is sure to have something for everyone’s listening pleasure.

*Note: This is not a comprehensive list

A Better Way to Farm Podcast

A Better Way to Farm Podcast focuses on showing farmers how to “take control of inputs and maximize profit so [they] can farm the way [they] want.” The host, yield specialist Rod Livesay, focuses on helping farmers lower farm input costs that are raising due to global shortages. Recent episodes include “Keys to Running a Business First Family Farm with Jolene Brown” and “Passing the Torch: Navigating Farm Succession Planning with Elaine Froese.”

Agriculture Technology Podcast

Hosted by Fargo’s own RDO Equipment Co., the Agriculture Technology Podcast provides the latest news and information on the advancements and innovations in the ag-tech world. Recent episode topics include the history of fertilizer and John Deere’s new ExactShot technology, farm data analysis, TruSet Active tillage equipment, and more!

Agweeek Podcast

Agweek’s podcast, produced by Fargo’s own Forum Communications, “brings you the latest agriculture news from around the upper Midwest.” The podcast provides reports on the market as well as other agriculture news. Recent episodes include “Farmland prices, Waubun meat processing, Agweek Livestock Tour;” “Grain markets focus in on South American weather, while the cattle market gets a friendly report” and “Building collapse, oat marketing group, Mikkel Pates’ retrospective.”

Listen to there Agriculture podcast while you work the fields.

American Ag Network

Based out of Fargo, the American Ag Network podcast “provides agricultural news, market information, ag weather and other information to keep America’s farmers and ranchers informed.” Episodes are brief and concise, offering only the most important information for farmers and ranchers. They offers multiple episodes and clips weekly. Recent episodes include “Don’t Delay 2023 Fertilizer Decisions” and “New Law Offers Clarity on Carbon Market.”

Barn Talk

Barn Talk is a podcast hosted by father and son, Sawyer and Tork Whisler. The podcast discusses topics like Ag business, investing, current events, entrepreneurship and more, with their goal being “to promote agriculture in a positive light, while relating with everyday Americans in discussing kitchen table topics.” Recent episodes include “How To Run A Successful Trades Business w/Mike Miller” and “Barn Talk Hot Topics: Consumerism, The AI Revolution & Pro Athletes Buying Farm Land.”

Bootstrap Farmer Radio

Bootstrap Farmer Radio is a podcast that “focuses on empowering growers and gardeners with the knowledge and resources they need to be successful, whether they are backyard gardeners, flower farmers or market farmers.” They interview expert farmers to give tips to other growers, whether they are new to agriculture or seasoned farmers. Podcast topics include “USA-made products like our greenhouses and seed trays, microgreens, aquaponics, flower farming, propagation, and more.”

The Business of Agriculture Podcast

Host Damian Mason travels the world talking to audiences about trends in the business of food, fuel and fiber. Mason interviews industry professionals and provides commentary about relevant current agricultural topics. The Business of Agriculture Podcast “offers tips for success, ideas for self betterment, and mental stimulation for people who make Agriculture their Business.” Recent episodes include “Adding Margin And Diversifying Farm Income Via Direct To Consumer Ag” and “A New Revenue Stream for Farm Acres Via Ecosystem Services.”

The Direct Farm Podcast

The Direct Farm Podcast, produced by Barn2Door, features industry experts and farmers as they explore the “4 Levers for Farm Success: Quality, Brand, Price and Convenience.” The hosts discuss new insights, success stories, tactics and data-informed best practices for farms selling direct-tomarket. Recent episodes include “A Profitable Farm Business is a Sustainable Farm Business” and “Does your Farm have a Google Business Profile?”

Discover Ag

Discover Ag, hosted by Natalie Kovarik and Tara Vander Dussen, shares “relevant and captivating conversations in Agriculture so you can better understand the food system, and connect with the hands that feed us.” Recent episodes include “Advocacy: Packer Processing with MERCK,” “Joe Rogan, Lucky Charms & Steak” and “Climatarian is so 2022.”

Farm Answers

Farm Answers is a newer podcast, started at the tail end of 2022. The podcast “takes a deeper look at projects funded by the United States Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program (USDA-NIFA BFRDP) and how they are reaching beginning farmers and ranchers.” The hosts interview project directors to better understand how the projects are helping U.S. Agriculture continue to thrive. Recent guests include Lucy Spence of Refugee and Immigrant Self-Empowerment (RISE), Robin Hackett of the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association, and Margaret Morgan-Hubbard of ECO City Farms.

FarmBits Podcast

The FarmBits Podcast helps navigate the ever-changing technologies of agriculture by “discussing current and honest information about these technologies to best integrate them into resilient strategies.” The podcast explores topics in digital agriculture in an accessible way, helping farmers and ranchers to understand new technologies through interviews with academics, farmers, and industry specialists. Recent episodes include “Pest Predictions with Pattern Ag” and “Insightful Irrigation from Valley.”

Farm4Profit Podcast

The Farm4Profit Podcast aims to “provide farms and operators an independent and unbiased outlet for information related to increasing the profitability of their farming operation.” The hosts Tanner Winterhof, David Whitaker and Corey Hillebo will “take each episode to deliver latest news, what’s working for active farms, and a topic of focus each episode.” Recent episodes include “Could The H2A Program be a Solution for Your Farm?” and “Finding the Right Entity Structure for You.”

Farm to Table Talk

Farm to Table Talk is a podcast that is “a virtual table for conversations about ideas, insights, and journeys of chefs, farmers, policymakers, researchers, NGOs and the foodfocused public about our food and how it is grown, prepared and shared throughout society.” Rodger Wasson, the host, is a food and agriculture veteran. The podcast is for “those interested in journeys within the modern food system and the stories behind our every bite.” Recent episodes include “Eco Farm Eco Fish” and “Meetings of the Minds – Tara Vander Dussen, Natalie Kovarik.”


Farmerama is a podcast that shares the voices behind regenerative farming. The hosts are “committed to positive ecological futures for the earth and its people, and [they] believe that farmers of the world will determine this.” The podcast “share[s] the experiences of grass roots farmers instigating radical change for the future of our food, our health, and the planet.” Recent episodes include “Community Gardens in Tamaki Makaurau and Organic No-Till Vineyards” and “Community Gardens, Plastic Pirates, a Farmshop Club and a Multi-Business Farm.”

Field Work

The Field Work podcast is hosted by Zach Johnson and Mitchell Hora, two commercial row-crop farmers, and Tara Vander Dussen, a dairy farmer. The podcast “provides space for frank, realistic discussions about the benefits and challenges of sustainable agriculture.” The hosts discuss “the successes and challenges farmers experience as they adopt new practices, while still getting into the weeds on the difficulties.” Recent episodes include “New Mexico Milkmaid Shines in Field Work Debut” and “The Hunger for Regenerative Ag Data.”

FOCUS on Agriculture

The FOCUS on Agriculture Podcast—hosted by Preston Schrader and Jason Carr, scientists in the ag industry—focuses on topics like digital ag, pests, sustainability and increasing yield while interviewing industry experts. Their goal is to “help growers succeed and open a dialogue with consumers.” Recent episodes include “Don Ort – Improving Crop Yields by Increasing Photosynthetic Efficiency” and “Stu Ellis – Half a Century of Changes in Agriculture.”

Future of Agriculture

The Future of Agriculture podcast “explores the people, companies, and ideas shaping the future of the agriculture industry.” Host Tim Hammerich “talks to the farmers, founders, innovators and investors to share stories of agtech, sustainability, resiliency and the future of food.” Hammerich himself is a formidable member of the agricultural community, having founded and serving as the national Future Farmers of America president. Recent episodes include “Upcycled Fruit with Ben Moore of The Ugly Company,” “Comparing 13 Different Carbon Programs with Dr. Alejandro Plastina” and “Alphabet’s Moonshot to Scale Sustainable Agriculture via Machine Learning with Dr. Elliott Grant of Mineral.”

The Modern Acre

The Modern Acre podcast, hosted by fifth-generation farmers, entrepreneurs and brothers, Tim and Tyler Nuss, brings in experts each week to talk about the changes in the food and agriculture industry on and off the farm. Recent episodes include “AgTech in 2023 Deep Dive with Verdant Robotics Founders Gabe Sibley and Curtis Garner,” “Farmer Trey Hill on Carbon Markets, AgTech, Regenerative & More!,” and “Connecting Brands and Farmers through Outcomes-Based Regenerative Agriculture with Chris Kerston, Co-CEO of Land to Market.”

Precision Farming Dealer Podcast

The Precision Farming Dealer Podcast is “the farm equipment dealer’s audio sources for information on precision farming technologies and their application, as well as how to market, sell and service for increased customer value.” It is a business-focused podcast that helps farm equipment dealers understand how to better run their business. Recent episodes include “The Best Of ’22: Mainstream Autonomy, Benefits Of Dealer-Agtech Partnerships & Celebrating 30 Years” and “New Holland’s New Hay & Forage Precision Products Provide “Good Point Of Entry” For Customers.”

SharkFarmer Podcast

On the SharkFarmer Podcast, Rob Sharkey (also known as the Shark Farmer) interviews farmers and hunters from around the country to get their perspective on the ag industry. Recent guests include Heidi Denbigh, a first-generation dairy farmer; Ryan Peter, an Illinois farmer who started an oil business; and Randy Nessman, the “Master Pipe Layer.

Small Farm Nation

The Small Farm Nation podcast, hosted by Tim Young, is a podcast about the business of small-scale family farming and homesteading. The podcast addresses topics like how to market and grow your farm business; how to find customers, sell at farmers markets, grow your CSA and build your farm email list; and how to grow your farm business from the ground up. Recent episodes include “How to respond to ‘why are your farm products so expensive?’” and “Should you partner with other farmers?”

Straight Talk with NDFB

Straight Talk with NDFB—the North Dakota Farm Bureau—is a podcast that covers agricultural updates from the North Dakota Legislative Sessions. Host Emmery Mehlhoff covers all things agriculture for those who want to know more. Recent episodes include “How North Dakota’s Youngest Legislator is Working to Grow the Dairy Industry” and “How Will Agriculture Issues Be Addressed in the 2023 ND Legislature?”

Successful Farming Daily

From the Successful Farming news site, the Successful Farming Daily podcast goes through the top three biggest agriculture stories of the day each weekday morning. The podcast allows farmers and ranchers to get the news, weather and markets information that they need to start the day.

Successful Farming Podcast

The Successful Farming Podcast, run by the Successful Farming news site, goes “in-depth into the topics that affect farmers and ranchers. Hear from industry leaders and experts on topics ranging from agronomy, technology, rural lifestyle, ag policy, farm machinery, and more.” Recent episodes include “Advice for a Beginning Farmer | Farmers for the Future” which features farmer Justin Zahradka from Lawton, ND and “An Alternative Weed Strategy | Weeds Playbook” which addresses how farmers need to attack weed problems head-on and not wait to deal with them.

This Week in Agriculture

The This Week in Agriculture podcast, hosted by the Red River Farm Network out of Grand Forks, provides a brief look at the top agriculture stories of the week every week.

Vertical Farming Podcast

Vertical farming “ensures reliable yield and consistency in crop production year-round with climate control, and no effects of external environment factors such as diseases, pests, or predator attacks.” Hosted by Harry Duran and based out of Minneapolis, MN, the Vertical Farming Podcast features “fascinating conversations with CEOs, Founders and luminaries from the exciting and fast-growing world of Vertical Farming.” Recent episodes include “Tim Hade/Scale Microgrid’s – Tackling Climate, Energy, & Hunger Through Vertical Farming” and “Dr. Isaac Berzin/Vaxa Life’s – The Complexity of Algae & A Quest for Sustainability.”

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