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20 Agtech Startups To Be Aware Of

Exploding Topics, found at, is a trend research company that “analyzes millions of searches, conversations and mentions across the internet” to provide insights into the next big trends. Below you will find a list of the 20 fastest-growing Agtech companies in 2022 according to Exploding Topics. Maybe you’ll utilize their tech one day. Maybe you’ll invest in them, but one thing is sure, knowledge is power.

Twitter: @GreenLightBio1

5-year search growth: 516%
Year founded: 2008
Location: Medford, MA
Funding: $340.5M (Post-IPO Equity)

Using RNA, or ribonucleic acid, improves the health of plants and GreenLight Biosciences’s technology has allowed them to create quality sustainable RNA. In turn, farmers can avoid chemical pesticides in their farming processes.

“We must grow more food with the same amount of land while honoring the need and demands to replace chemical pesticides. Even as many pesticides face increasing consumer opposition—and threat of outright bans—due to environmental damage, many are losing their effectiveness.

GreenLight’s pipeline includes solutions to protect bees and stop fungal pathogens that often rot fruit like strawberries and grapes. We have a pipeline of 13 more products for human, plant, and animal health.”

– From the GreenLight Biosciences website


5-year search growth: 2900%
Year founded: 2012
Location: Kineton, UK
Funding: $9.7M (Series A)

“RootWave kills weeds using electricity to give better weed control at a lower cost whilst protecting health and helping nature restore its soils, water and biodiversity.”

-From the RootWave website


  • EIT Food, Rising Food Stars, 2020
  • FoodTech 500, 2019
  • Solar Impulse, Efficient Solution, 2019
  • Ptich at Palace, 2019
  • Gouden Klavertje Vier Innovation Awards, GroenTechniek, 2019, Silver
  • Food Tech Innovation, Future Food Awards, 2019, Finalist
  • The Disruption Index, 2019, Top 50
  • Judges Choice Award, FoodBytes, London, 2019
  • Innovator of the Year, Growing Business Awards, 2018, Finalist
  • Machinery Farm Technology of the Year, British Farming Awards, 2018, Finalist
  • Innovation Award, IET, 2017
  • Farm Machinery and Equipment Innovation Award, 2017
  • Agri-Innovation Den, 2017, Finalist
  • Best Companies, 2021, One to Watch

Facebook: /WefarmGlobal
Twitter: @wefarm
Instagram: wefarm_official

5-year search growth: 514%
Year founded: 2015
Location: London, UK
Funding: $32M (Series A

“Farmers join Wefarm for free and become part of a community where members support one another with knowledge, reviews, and access to inputs and markets. Wefarm is used by 2.4 million farmers to gain a better position in the global supply chains that their output drives.”

-From the WeFarm website

Twitter: @CombyneAg
Instagram: combyneag

5-year search growth: -52%
Year founded: 2013
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Funding: $7.3M (Series A)

FarmLead is the creator of Combyne, a platform used for simplifying the trading of grains and crops.

FarmLead’s partners include:

  • Farm Management Software – “Through Combyne Connect, producers can seamlessly flow crop inventory managed on your FMS platform into active offers on Combyne. Producers are able to flow completed deals back to your platform so that they can reconcile their contracts against their inventory and financials to stay on top of their books.”
  • Bin Monitoring System – “With the click of a button, producers can convert crop inventory into an active offer on Combyne. Producers can autofill offers with temperature and moisture monitored in their Bin System to show buyers an accurate, upto-date view of the grain they are interested in buying.”
  • Crop Quality – “Producers can share their grain quality specs (protein, foreign material, etc.) on Combyne to increase buyers’ interest in what they have to sell. We help producers seamlessly sync their grain quality information from laboratory tests, handheld devices, etc. to attach it to their crop inventory and offers on Combyne.”
  • Precision Ag and Environmental Stewardship – “More and more buyers are looking to contract sustainably produced crops. We want to help producers tell buyers how their crop was grown and what verified farm practices they have in place.”
  • Accounting Software – “With Combyne Connect, producers can avoid digging through email looking for contracts when it’s time to do their finances. Producers can flow their contracts to their ag accounting tools from Combyne to match individual contracts to specific line items.”
  • Independent Crop Marketing Advisors – “Are you looking to more closely connect to your farmer customers to provide improved marketing services? Instead of relying on your producers to notify you via email, they can invite you to view their trade data in real-time to take more ideal positions on their behalf.”
  • Agricultural Accountants – “Tired of having farmers bring you shoeboxes full of paper contracts and settlements? Farmers on Combyne can keep track of their important trade documents digitally in Combyne and can choose to share them with their trusted accountants. If you use accounting software to manage your farmer’s accounts, let us know! We can also integrate with common ag accounting tools.

Facebook: /tracegenomics
Twitter: @tracegenomics

5-year search growth: -100%
Year founded: 2015
Location: Burlingame, CA
Funding: $39.7M (Convertible Note)

Trace Genomics uses DNA extraction and machine learning to provide data on soil samples.

“We help our customers understand and quantify the complexity of their soil and management practice impact as they lead the Sustainable Ag Revolution.”

-From the Trace Genomics website

Facebook: /bluwrap
Twitter: @BluWrap

5-year search growth: 0%
Year founded: 2006
Location: San Francisco, CA
Funding: $12.6M (Series D)

“BluWrap provides technology and solutions that naturally extend the shelf-life of perishable proteins. It uses its patented, oxygen management techniques to create and maintain an all-natural, controlled atmosphere environment that suspends time so that fresh fish and other proteins can be transported virtually anywhere in the world without the need for ice, environmentally harmful polystyrene, or expensive airfreight. Suppliers can ship fresh protein products by ocean freight, rather than by airfreight, and still deliver a fresh, high quality product to its customers.”

-From the BluWrap website

BluWrap’s Proccess.

  1. Fresh product harvested, processed & placed in recyclable cartons.
  2. BluWrap’s uniqu technology is applied to the fresh product.
  3. BluWrap’s patented technology protects fresh cargo by creating an all-natural, suspended atmospheric environment.
  4. Product is placed in a refrigerated container and readied for transit.
  5. Product and container shipped to local Port for departure.
  6. The fresh product arrives at destined port of entry.
  7. The product is delivered via truck freight to distribution center.
  8. BluWrap’s packaging & technology is removed. Product is then released to the customer—entering local distribution chain.
  9. In 8-12 day, BluWrap’s uniqu technology is applied to the fresh product.

Facebook: /foodlogiq
Twitter: @FoodLogiQ

5-year search growth: -13%
Year founded: 2006
Location: Durham, NC
Funding: $33.8M (Series B)

FoodLogiQ is a company that creates software for the global food supply chain.

“Since 2006, FoodLogiQ has offered solutions that meet the increasingly complex global food chain issues and vast regulations facing all modern food companies.

Our mission is to map the world’s food chain, make it as safe as possible, and empower people to make informed decisions about the food they eat. We track millions of data points daily and connect thousands of food companies worldwide.

Our technology enables supplier management, food safety compliance, quality incident management, recall management, and whole chain traceability—all on a single cloud platform built exclusively for the food industry.”

-From the FoodLogiQ website

Facebook: /Vestaron
Twitter: @VestaronCorp
Instagram: vestaroncorp

5-year search growth: N/A
Year founded: 2005
Location: Durham, NC
Funding: $254.9M (Series C)

“Vestaron is displacing the theory that you must sacrifice efficacy for the safety benefits of using a biological. Our biologicals work! We have developed effective biological insecticide technology derived through proprietary peptide expression and designed to be soft on beneficials and honeybees, as well as safe for fish and mammals. Beginning with the SPEAR ® brand family–providing new technology with a unique mode of action in a biological solution equal to, and often better, than the synthetic options; creating the opportunity to incorporate a new IRAC Group 32 into rotation recommendations for resistance management. The Vestaron pipeline consists of additional peptide empowered solutions, each with a different target receptor. These solutions will change the approach to integrated pest management strategies.”

-From the Vestaron Corporation website


  • THRIVE TOP 50 AgTech & FoodTech Reports, 2022
  • Best New Biologic Product, 2021 Crop Science Awards
  • Green Chemistry Challenge Winner, 2020
  • 2021 Global Cleantech 100
  • Bernard Blum Award, 2020

Facebook: /Teriva
Twitter: @terviva_inc

5-year search growth: 96%
Year founded: 2010
Location: Oakland, CA
Funding: $85.6M (Series E)

“Founded in 2010, Terviva is a food and ag innovation company partnering with farmers to grow pongamia, a climate-resilient tree which produces abundant, protein- and oil-rich legumes.

Pongamia is uniquely suited to meet today’s environmental challenges. It sequesters carbon, improves soil health and water quality while growing on land where other crops can’t grow. This helps to avoid deforestation and revitalize agricultural lands and communities around the world.

After more than a decade of innovation, we’ve developed a way to harvest and transform pongamia beans into healthy and delicious food ingredients called Ponova™. From tree to plate, our transparent and equitable supply chain spans wild harvesting, non-GMO beans in India to regenerative land stewardship in Hawaii, Florida and Australia.

We believe there’s a better way to feed the world’s growing population and that local impact can drive global change.”

-From the TerViva website

Facebook: /IndigoAgriculture
Twitter: @Indigoag
Instagram: indigoag

5-year search growth: 1%
Year founded: 2014
Location: Boston, MA
Funding: $1.2B (Series F)

“Our company was built on the discovery that the microbes in and around plants have the potential to dramatically improve crop resilience in the face of stresses (including drought, heat, cold, and pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and insects) and to offer a sustainable means of improving crop yields in the face of climate change.”

-From the Indigo website

By The Numbers

  • 8 Million Global Acre Footprint
  • Around 20,000 Carbon Credits Issued
  • Over 300 Global Commercial Partners
  • 25 Commercial Biological Products
  • In 9 Countries

Facebook: /augmentaagr
Twitter: @AugmentaAg
Instagram: augmenta.agriculture

5-year search growth: 45%
Year founded: 2016
Location: Athens, Greece
Funding: $11.2M (Series A)

Augmenta offers field analysis, fleet monitoring and analytics designed to help improve crop yield and save money.

They are present in 26 countries and 12 states. Their precision farming system includes:

  • Augmenta Mantis – A realtime smart application that is “easy to install on most common setups” and is used to finetune your RX or apply VRA as you go.
  • In-cabin tablet application – The in-cabin tablet application allows for real-time feedback as you drive, section by section.
  • Web Portal – The web portal offers you a one-stop spot for information on plant health and application maps.
  • Augmenta LiveVRA – Augmenta’s wide array of propietary services which include automatic application process for the ideal rates of Nitrogen, PGR and Harvest Aid

Facebook: /Apeel
Twitter: @apeelsciences
Instagram: apeel_sciences

5-year search growth: 43%
Year founded: 2012
Location: Goleta, CA
Funding: $640.1M (Series E)

Apeel Sciences applies their technology, a thin layer of edible mono and diglycerides added to the produce in order to extend the shelf life of products.

“Apeel is colorless, odorless, and tasteless on produce. Just like the cuticle “peel” on the outside of plants, Apeel’s peel is tiny. And even though the ingredient is safe to eat in much higher quantities, the amount of Apeel on the surface of produce is exceptionally low. Even if all of the produce you consumed was treated with Apeel, the contribution of monoglycerides and diglycerides to your daily dietary fat intake would equal less than 1%.”

-From the Apeel website

Facebook: /aeroboticsintl
Twitter: @aerobotic_intl

5-year search growth: -40%
Year founded: 2014
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Funding: $27M (Series B)

Aerobotics offers analytics that can be used to ensure optimal yields. It can also be used for crop insurance purposes.

“Today, we have flown and generated insights for over one hundred million trees to help growers, investors and insurers improve their production and profitability.”

-From the Aerobotics website

Facebook: /mootral
Twitter: @mootral
Instagram: m00tral

5-year search growth: 800%
Year founded: 2018
Location: Rolle, Switzerland
Funding: $13.5M (Seed)

Mootral is a British-Swiss AgriTech company that develops innovative carbon and antibiotic reduction solutions for companies and governments. Their signature product is Mootral Ruminant.

“Mootral Ruminant is a 100% natural feed supplement that significantly reduces methane emissions from the enteric fermentation of ruminants. It is based on a proprietary combination of garlic and citrus extract and is produced in a pellet format.

Our research shows up to 38% reduction* of enteric methane emissions under real farm conditions (in vivo). Without impacting taste or texture of milk or meat, Mootral Ruminant can also help increase yields, animal health and reduce the number of flies. Additionally, carbon credits can help (co)finance the product costs.”

-From the Mootral website

Facebook: /Terramera.Inc
Twitter: @terramera
Instagram: terramera

5-year search growth: -19%
Year founded: 2010
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Funding: $97.5M (Grant)

“Terramera is a global agtech leader fusing science, nature and artificial intelligence to transform how food is grown and the economics of agriculture in the next decade. With our revolutionary Actigate™ technology platform, we are committed to reducing the global synthetic pesticide load by 80% by 2030 to protect plant and human health and ensure an earth that thrives and provides for everyone.”

-From the Terramera website

As part of their mission, Terramera has partnered with the UN SDSs to contribute to Goal 2 (Zero Hunger) and Goal 13 (Climate Action) and will report on their progress. They also have a partnership with their local food bank.

Did You Know?
Terramera has more than 300 patentes in their IP portfolio.

Facebook: /Entocycle
Twitter: @Entocycle
Instagram: entocycle

5-year search growth: -100%
Year founded: 2014
Location: London, UK
Funding: $11M (Series A)

Entocylce is working to aid the production of insectbased animal feed and grass. They claim that insects offer more efficient protein production and that they require less land, water and development time.

Their main product is the Entosight™ Neo their “flagship” patented protected product which is “a machine vision hardware and software package designed to improve accuracy, efficiency and productivity in large-scale black soldier fly (BSF) farms.”

Facebook: /ProducePay
Twitter: @ProducePay_en and @ProducePay_esl
Instagram: producepay_en and producepay_es

5-year search growth: 135%
Year founded: 2014
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Funding: $342.9M (Series C)

“Our founder, Pablo Borquez Schwarzbeck is a fourthgeneration Mexican farmer. He started ProducePay with a simple goal of helping growers gain more access to capital. Today, that vision has grown into a company with a portfolio of services that are helping growers and buyers connect and trade in a more transparent way.”

-From the ProducePay website

Their footprint includes:

  • Montreal, Canada
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • San Fransisco, California
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Tijuana, Mexico
  • Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Peru
  • Chile

Facebook: /infarm.wearetheinfarmers
Instagram: @infarm

5-year search growth: 7%
Year founded: 2013
Location: Berlin, Germany
Funding: $604.5M (Series D)

Infarm is working to build vertical farms in cities by building their hydroponic indoor farms closer to where the produce ends up.

“Our farms are ‘climate machines’ They each have their own unique climate perfected for whichever crop it’s hosting.

This means we can grow anything, anywhere… which we think is pretty cool.

We’re able to watch over all our plant babies with our ‘farmer in the cloud’, which picks up-to-the-minute data about how they respond to the slightest changes in their environment.

By using this data, we constantly improve our growing recipes and grow better, tastier plants while drastically reducing our natural resource use, too.”

-From the website

Their products include:

  • Mix salad
  • 24 varieties of aromatic herbs
  • Mushrooms

Facebook: /hazeltech
Twitter: @HazelTechUSA
Instagram: hazeltech

5-year search growth: 46%
Year founded: 2015
Location: Chicago, IL
Funding: $87.8M (Series C)

Hazel Technologies offers products to extend the shelf-life of fresh produce.

Their USDA-funded 1-MCP technology conditions the storage atmosphere to reduce respiration rate and increase resistance to ethylene.

Their footprint includes:

  • Hazel Datica – Which is a “Postharvest technology designed to monitor levels of temperature, humidity, ethylene and other atmospheric components for apples, avocado and other crops during transit or storage.
  • Hazel CA – “Postharvest technology designed to protect apple quality during long term storage.”
  • Hazel 100 (Bin Sachet) – A USDA-funded, in-bin, postharvest technology primarily designed for use in apples and some stone fruit varieties to protect quality during long term storage.
  • Hazel Trex – “A pre-harvest quality technology for kiwi and cherries designed to increase yield by a target of 15%.
  • Hazel Trex for Apple – “A post-harvest quality technology designed to accurately determine whether or not 1-MCP was applied to stored fruit.”
  • Hazel O – A postharvest technology for use with over 12+ organic produce commodities, designed to extend shelf-life by a target 30%.
  • Hazel 100 (Box Sachet) – Hazel 100 is a USDA funded, in box, postharvest technology designed to extend the shelf life of 12+ fresh produce commodities by an average 40%.

Facebook: /CIBOTechnologies
Twitter: @CIBOTech
Instagram: cibotechnologies

5-year search growth: -59%
Year founded: 2015
Location: Saint Louis Park, MN
Funding: $67.4M (Series C)

“Built on advanced ecosystem simulation, AI, and computer vision technologies, CIBO provides powerful solutions for grower enrollment and engagement, verification and quantification of regenerative practices, and deep farmland business intelligence.”

-From the CIBO Technologies website

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