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Solving Industry Challenges Through Drones

About Jorg

Jörg Schamuhn is the Co-Founder and CEO of Airial Robotics. Jörg grew up in Hamburg, Germany. He obtained his masters in Air and Space Technology from the University in Munich. He states, “After that, I was trained as a Fighter Pilot in Texas and from then on was sold to the United States of America.”

About Airial Robotics

Airial Robotics developed a disruptive technology solution for autonomous uncrewed aerial vehicles. This technology is solving industry challenges, which includes safety, performance and operational usability. Jörg explains, “We can fly in almost all weather, are the least noisy aircraft in the industry, and provide natural redundancy for ultimate safety.”

The mission of Airial Robotics is to “build the safest possible uncrewed aerial vehicle to help shape the uprising market of logistics, surveillance and mapping using drones.”

Airial Robotics is looking to be part of the, “transformation from experimentation which is happening since 2017 and commercialization where drone operations will bring benefits to the society and will be commercially viable for operators.” Not only this, but they would also like to help decarbonize aerial missions.

Last November, Airial Robotics applied for the LIFT program in North Dakota. From the program, they were awarded a loan which allowed them to develop their autonomous uncrewed aerial solution further. They opened up an office in Grand Forks, which is allowing them to develop relationships with local businesses.

As Jörg reflects on the highs and lows of his entrepreneurial journey, he explains that a low he endured was when they owned a company in Italy and were confronted with terminating all employees after a 12 month ownership because the employees did not “see the value in a strategy and big picture.”

Jörg states that a high in his entrepreneurial journey is, “Introducing a disruptive technology in the RC Hobby market against all odds and against all expert opinions and changing the product in use and the complete global market within a period of three years. That being accompanied by moving from 0% global market share to about 65% global market share with a highly motivated and very strong team behind it was the best experience in my business life.”

When asked how the community can support Jörg and Airial Robotics, he explains, “Communities can help by offering projects and helping with permissions to demonstrate the viability and safety of autonomous missions. Secondly, communities can support the build up of an ecosystem by attractive education programs to create the next generation of young professionals who will run the ecosystem of autonomous operations.”

Readers can learn more about Jörg and Airial Robotics by visiting their Website (, LinkedIn and Instagram (airial_robotics).

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