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Behind the Scenes of The Emerging Grower Podcast

Teresa Wickenheiser (left) and Belle McLean (right)

About Emerging Grower

Emerging Grower is an agricultural podcast where we bring together growers and AgTech professionals to help accelerate conversations between emerging technologies in the agriculture industry.

How It Started

The idea of Emerging Grower was formed from analyzing the divide between growers and technologists. It was recognized that growers frequently listen to podcasts while doing day-to-day business. Therefore, Grand Farm found that a podcast would be a great way to help bridge the gap between growers and technologists.

Grand Farm and Emerging Prairie hired interns to work with them over the summer. These interns found the idea of a podcast to be beneficial for the agriculture community and took the project under their wing. They met for a couple of hours each week, planned who they would interview, and created a logo to represent Emerging Grower.

The name Emerging Grower is meant to signify Emerging Prairie, Grand Farm, and the ever-changing world of agriculture, especially on the grower’s behalf.

Emerging Grower has several goals:

  • To bridge the gap between growers and AgTech professionals through authentic discussion.
  • Accelerate innovation in agriculture by interviewing individuals with an AgTech or grower background.
  • Provide a platform for growers to give their feedback on work being done in AgTech.
  • Create a platform for both growers and AgTech workers to hear both perspectives on a given topic.

The designated audience for Emerging Grower are those involved with or interested in the AgTech industry, including growers, startups, corporations, ecosystem builders, government entities, research institutions, and investors.

What to Expect in a Podcast Episode:

An Interview between Growers & Agtech professionals: Each episode will contain an interview between a professional in the Agtech industry and a Grower.

Relevant Topic Discussion: The Grand Farm team will help facilitate questions/topics to assist the conversation in hopes to create in-depth discussions. Regular episodes: Grand Farm will ensure the episodes are produced on a regular cadence.

The Future of Emerging Grower

Emerging Grower will be releasing a new podcast each month featuring a new grower and technologist.

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