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The Impact of Fargo’s Agtech Ecosystem

Bruno Dupin Gaspa and Shelby Lyons

This interview featured Bruno Dupin Gaspa, investor and founder of Startup Connection USA, and Shelby Lyons, small-town grower and grower advisory board member.

The Beginning of Startup Connection

  • Bruno Dupin Gaspar, an agronomist, and his team founded Startup Connection USA to make meaningful changes in agriculture by connecting farmers with innovative solutions globally.
  • Started in New York, the company evolved to not only include startups but also established companies that can address farmers’ everyday challenges effectively.

The Role of Startup Connection USA

  • Startup Connection USA helps farmers save time by filtering and presenting the best technology solutions available in the market to address common agricultural issues.
  • Their team operates in Brazil, Europe, and the US, catering to farmers worldwide and understanding the universal problems faced by agricultural communities.

The Use of Technology on Shelby's Farm

  • Shelby Lyons’ farm incorporates a range of modern technology, including precision planting, dual hybrid variable rate fertilizer, and liquid fertilization followed by wide drops with the sprayer on corn.
  • The farm invests in technology by conducting thorough research, attending meetings, and seeking the advice of trusted agronomists to evaluate and decide on the most profitable and efficient solutions.

Evaluating New Technology and Investments

  • When considering new technology or products, Shelby’s farm tests them on a section of their planter for at least a year to assess their effectiveness and compatibility with their farm’s operations.
  • They rely on the expertise of agronomists and attend events like the Precision Planting Conference in Fargo to stay informed about the latest advancements.


Startup Connection USA’s mission to connect technology with agriculture aligns with the increasing need for innovation in farming practices. Farmers like Shelby Lyons benefit from incorporating technology on their farms by conducting thorough research, consulting experts, and attending relevant events to make informed and profitable decisions.

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