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Autonomous Technology in Agriculture

Autonomous Technology in Agriculture

This interview features guest host Felipe Gonzalez, Co-Founder & Head of North America for Startup Connections USA; Patrick Walther, Co-founder and COO of AGvisorPRO; and Adam Spelhaug, Farmer and Agronomist. Here are some of the key points covered in their discussion.

The Role of Technology in Agriculture

  • Felipe Gonzalez seeks to explore the impact of technology in farming beyond traditional AgTech discussions.
  • Both guests emphasize the importance of connecting farmers with experts and providing solutions for on-farm challenges through technology.

Introducing the Guests

  • Patrick Walther, originally from Switzerland, founded AGvisorPRO, an agricultural social network connecting farmers and agronomists.
  • Adam Spelhaug, a farmer and agronomist from North Dakota, shares his experiences of farming while working in other sectors like retail agronomy and seed companies.

The Challenges of Farming and Multiple Roles

  • Adam highlights that farmers often have to manage multiple responsibilities, including farming, secondary jobs, and family commitments.
  • Both guests discuss the need for technological solutions to support farmers in making more informed decisions, especially in remote areas.

The Importance of Autonomous Technology

  • The concept of autonomy and autonomous technology is seen as a crucial solution to address labor shortages in agriculture.
  • Farmers appreciate the benefits of autonomous systems for efficiency and resource management but still want to remain actively involved in farm operations.


The podcast explores how technology can bridge gaps, connect farmers with experts, and provide solutions to farming challenges. Autonomous technology and innovative practices like no-till farming offer promising solutions for enhancing farm efficiency and sustainability.

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