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Collaboration & Technology in Agriculture

Justice Keefauver & Tom Roden

This interview features Justice Keefauver, from Maple River Grain & Agronomy, and Tom Roden a local farmer, who discuss the overall impact of technology in the agriculture industry

Meet Justice Keefauver and Tom Roden

  • Justice Keefauver shares his background in agriculture, inspired by his father’s work as a chemical representative, leading him to pursue a degree in Ag business and become a trusted sales. agronomist at Maple River Grain and Agronomy.
  • Tom Roden, a fourth-generation farmer from Castleton, North Dakota, discusses his farming experience and the involvement of his sons in the family operation.

Technology in Agriculture

  • Justice talks about the various tools and technologies used at Maple River Grain and Agronomy, including their precision platform for sampling and fertilizer and seeding recommendations.
  • He highlights the benefits of using the Climate Corp platform for scouting, data consistency, and addressing field issues such as fertility problems, water management, and diseases.
  • Tom emphasizes the importance of data management and the integration of farmer and agronomist through technology, making decision-making more efficient.

Profitability Through Technology

  • Justice discusses the R7 charts from Winfield United, which help growers understand how hybrids respond to different planting populations and how to optimize fertilizer application.
  • He emphasizes the importance of quality data in deriving better advice for customers and conducting various trials with new technologies, like biologicals and fungicides.
  • Tom shares his experience with zone sampling, which has allowed them to identify field variability and make more informed decisions, maximizing profitability.

Improving Agronomy Practices

  • Justice and Tom highlight the collaborative approach in making decisions about yield goals, fertilizer application rates, and other agronomic practices to optimize productivity.
  • They emphasize the importance of tailored approaches to each field based on data-driven insights, moving away from blanket practices.


The podcast highlighted the use of technology in modern agriculture, focusing on precision tools, data management, profitability, and the collaboration between farmers and agronomists to make informed decisions.

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