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The Digital Transformation in Agriculture

The digital transformation in agriculture

This interview features Alisha Nord, a farmer from rural North Dakota and a North Dakota Farm Bureau employee, and Levi Otis, Founder of QR Post, who discuss the digital transformation in agriculture and how technology is changing the farming landscape.

Meet Levi Otis and Alisha Nord

  • Levi Otis, co-founder of QR Posts, introduces the land management tool designed for farmers and landowners to manage hunting and other requests effectively.
  • Alisha Nord, a fifth-generation farmer and rancher, shares her background and experiences as both a hunter and landowner.

The Genesis of QR Posts

  • Levi explains how QR Posts came into existence by addressing the challenges faced by farmers due to overwhelming hunting pressure during critical seasons like spring and fall.
  • His experience as a private property rights advocate for a water management company helped him understand the needs and pains of farmers and hunters, inspiring the creation of QR Posts.
  • QR Posts aims to bridge the communication gap between farmers and hunters by giving landowners the choice of how they receive hunting requests.

The Focus on Farmers

  • Levi emphasizes that QR Posts is primarily farmer-focused and aims to empower landowners to manage access to their property more efficiently.
  • While there are many apps catering to hunters, QR Posts stands out as the only one dedicated to farmers’ needs.

Promoting Safety and Protection

  • Alisha highlights the importance of communication and how QR Posts can enhance safety for both farmers and hunters.
  • The platform includes a liability waiver for hunters to acknowledge and farmers can also upload their customized waivers to enhance their protection.

Looking Head

  • Both Levi and Alisha express their excitement for QR Posts and hope to see more people using it to create a smoother and safer hunting experience for everyone involved.


The podcast covered topics related to QR Posts, its origins, and the importance of improved communication between farmers and hunters to promote safety and better management of private properties.

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