Boson Motors

North Dakota Launch

The night of Tuesday, October 18th, 2022 in downtown Fargo marked the first public reveal of the Boson Motors half-cabin vehicle. After much anticipation during the summer, everybody was excited to finally see the product live in front of their eyes. The next morning was StartupBREW Fargo, where Arun Seelam shared a founder story and the vision for Boson going forward. These events would only be a small fraction of what was to come in the official launch of Boson’s new electric light utility vehicle.

Later that Wednesday, Boson Motors brought the truck to Casselton, where Grand Farm held a groundbreaking of their new innovation facility and test ground, one that Boson would use to showcase the innovation four years in the making. Specifically, the aspect that drew the most attention from the crowd was the autonomous driving capability. Individuals who stopped by for this demonstration were thoroughly impressed with the ability for the truck to repeat the same path every single time and even trusted the technology enough to take rides on the back of the truck while no driver was present. People responded positively to the product, noting the competitive price point, the autonomous software, and the ability to attach accessories like snow plows and sprayers as major aspects that will set Boson apart in the upper Midwest and across the country.

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