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North Dakota Farmer Drops 100-Plus Pounds

Profile by Sanford

There are two things in life that mean the most to Jeff McMillan – his family and farming.

Thanks to Profile by Sanford, Jeff now has the energy to fully enjoy those things. Profile’s combination of a custom weight loss plan, 1-on-1 coaching, and delicious food helped Jess lose 140 pounds.

Alongside his brother and son, Jeff grows corn and soybeans on 15,000 acres southeast of Wimbledon, ND. His improved health and increased stamina come in extra handy as he tends the farm where he was born-and-raised. “I have a lot more energy,” Jeff said. “I used to jump on the side-by-side when I had stuff to go do. Now, it doesn’t bother me to go out and walk around to do those things.”

What Jeff has accomplished through Profile by Sanford

  • Down 100+ lbs
  • Off Sleep Apnea Machine
  • Increased Energy Level
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Off Cholesterol Medication

How Jeff got started with Profile by Sanford

In February 2019, Jeff made the choice to fully support his wife, Ruleen, on her health journey with Profile. “She had been following it for a while and was at a standstill. I asked her if it would help if I joined. So, I joined Profile with her. I had the weight I could lose anyway.

He found the plan fit well with his farming schedule, especially in the summer. For Jeff, it’s all about getting into a routine and following it. “The plan worked well for me,” he said. “I found it easier in the summertime. Once we leave the house, we don’t come back for meals. So, what I took with me was what I had to eat.” When it comes to Profile food, Jeff had no complaints. “I liked them all. The shakes and the bars are all good.”

Together as a couple, Jeff and Ruleen did weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions at the Profile store in West Fargo. Profile members choose how they coach. The couple found that meeting with various coaches at the store instead of one consistent coach worked well for them. “We liked the variety. Plus, then you get to know all the coaches. They’re a friendly bunch.” The coaching kept Jeff on track. “It gave me more accountability. It’s a lot more fun when you can go to a meeting and say, ‘Hey! I lost 5 pounds this week.'”

It wasn’t long before Jeff started to see the results from his meal plan and 1-on-1 coaching. “I think in the first two to three weeks, I was already down 20 pounds. I dropped 100 pounds in the first year.” At his heaviest, Jeff weighed 440 pounds. With the help of Profile, he dropped down to 240. “Before Profile, I tried other things,” Jeff said. I went so far as to try the lap band. I lost some but started having troubles with it and had to have it removed.”

Living a healthy lifestyle now

Jeff and Rulleen have stuck to the healthy habits they learned with Profile. The couple enjoys grilling throughout the year as well as making meals with an air fryer. “I eat a lot more vegetables now than I used to,” Jeff chuckled. Doing the program together helped. “With the wife and I both doing profile, you learn there are certain things you don’t buy at the grocery store. If it’s not in the house, you’re not going to be tempted.”

His improved health and increased energy have also impacted his family life. Jeff and Ruleen have four children and seven grandchildren with the eighth on the way. A proud moment in Jeff’s journey was when he was able to participate in a 5K with some of his kids. “Like I said, there’s just a lot more energy there and it’s easier to get around. Life is more enjoyable.” He stays active with walking and farming activities, “This winter, I was in Arizona for a couple months. I was walking five miles a day down there.”

Jeff’s older brother who he farms with has gone through some health struggles recently. That made Jeff reflect on the current state of his health. “I’m off my cholesterol pill. My blood pressure is down. I no longer need a sleep apnea machine. Life is good.”

If you want to get control of your health, Jeff had some words of wisdom to share. “Have the right mindset when you start,” he said. “When I joined with the wife, I was determined to do it. Don’t start with a half mindset that if it works, it works. If you take the jump, jump in with both feet. And stay there.”

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