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How Red River AG Makes A Lasting Impact Beyond The Field

Anyone who has had the privilege of working with Red River Ag, either as a team member or a customer, knows their dedication to meeting everyone’s needs on a personal level. That culture has expanded significantly since Red River Ag’s conception in 1982. Founders Kevin and Richard Yaggie began what has since turned into a threelocation operation that continues to make waves in the community—and beyond—as a trusted name. When brothers Aaron and Alex Yaggie returned to the farm after college in 2014, Red River Ag began a new chapter, building steam as not just a growing business, but one that is built upon unmatched customer service and solutions for all growers, no matter how large or small their operation.

Aaron Yaggie, President

“We’ve been blessed to see rapid expansion to our three locations and to be able to offer a wider variety of products to serve our customers—such as grain, seed, crop protection, fertilizer, and fuel,” President Aaron Yaggie said. “Every farm is different and offering a customized approach to serve the needs of our customers is something we take pride in—we have assembled a strong team of trusted advisors that are readily available to help your farm reach its 2024 goals.”

So, who are some of the faces that help make up Red River Ag’s thriving organization? We had the privilege of sitting down and meeting some of these individuals and hearing about their roles within Red River Ag and how the Yaggies help create a thriving culture for the team.

Meet Some of the Key Faces at Red RiverAG

Nikki Toft

Agronomist & Location Manager in Thief River Falls

As an agronomist and location manager at the Thief River Falls location for Red River Ag, Nikki Toft enjoys connecting with farmers and aiding them in making informed decisions for their farms. She values the close relationship she shares with her bosses. When asked about a specific example of how her bosses demonstrate their investment in her as a team member, Toft cites Aaron’s trust in her. “Aaron gives me a lot of trust and lets me make decisions when it comes to Hefty and what I think is best for our farmers,” she said. Aaron’s confidence extends to Toft’s daily responsibilities, as he trusts her to complete.

Toft acknowledges the challenges of being a young woman in agriculture but appreciates that Aaron has always believed in her.

Regarding Red River Ag’s unique approach, Toft notes their flexibility in tailoring programs to individual farmers’ needs, rather than applying a one-size-fits-all strategy. This customization, she observes, sets Red River Ag apart from local competitors.

Toft has been with Red River Ag for five years. She recalls the initial challenges in sales but highlights the strengthening of her relationship with Aaron over time. This bond transformed their dynamic from a traditional employee-boss relationship to a collaborative partnership, improving her job performance and resilience during challenging periods.

One thing Toft is thankful for is the extensive training opportunities and interactions with the Hefty brothers to enhance customer service. She uses a scouting app to collect detailed field data and create tailored chemical recommendations for her clients.

Describing the company culture, Toft expresses her appreciation for Red River Ag’s family-oriented approach. Toft recalls one instance where Aaron offered to arrange babysitting for her newborn daughter and even picked her up from daycare when needed. This nurturing environment has inspired Toft to treat her customers similarly, fostering a friendly rather than strictly business relationship.

Evan Purrington

Agronomy Manager in Hawley

Evan Purrington appreciates the dynamic nature of the industry and the opportunity to work closely with farmers in his role at Red River Ag. He enjoys the fast pace of the work and the variety each day brings. Purrington especially appreciates the organization’s commitment to its team members and the company’s willingness to allow employees to attend various seminars and expos to enhance their industry knowledge.

According to Purrington Red River Ag excels in going the extra mile for their customers, addressing challenges faced by farmers and offering tailored services to farms of all sizes. This approach, he believes, sets the organization apart from others.

Having joined Red River Ag in November 2021, Purrington realized it was the right fit for him when he began looking forward to each workday with enthusiasm. He values the autonomy and trust he receives from Aaron and the team, allowing him to make on-thespot decisions and work in a way that suits him best.

Purrington is also thankful for the array of services provided by Red River Ag, including sampling, variable rate mapping, and more. These resources enable the team to effectively assist growers in various aspects of farming.

According to Purrington the company culture is challenging and flexible. He finds satisfaction in overcoming daily challenges and appreciates the worklife balance that allows for family time and vacations.

Terry Funk

Agronomy Sales/Fertilizer

Terry Funk values working for Red River Ag because he is recognized by his name and isn’t treated like a number. He appreciates the trust placed in team members to contribute to the business’s growth.

Red River Ag successfully focuses on what is beneficial for the growers, rather than solely prioritizing the company’s interests. This approach, he believes, distinguishes them from many other organizations.

Having spent three years with Red River Ag, Funk realized it was the right place for him after his experience working for a major corporation where he felt more like a number than a valued employee.

About Red River Ag

Red River Ag LLC is an agricultural company that specializes in a range of crops, including sugar beets, soybeans, corn, and wheat. The company is at the forefront of incorporating modern farming techniques and sustainable practices to enhance productivity and environmental stewardship. With a strong commitment to community and agricultural excellence, the company invests heavily in advanced technology and research to continually improve crop yields and quality. Their approach combines the best of traditional farming wisdom with cutting-edge.

Dave Dietz

Customer Service in Grain and Agronomy

Dave Dietz, who joined Red River Ag in April of 2023, greatly values his role in the organization for the “ability to work with farmers and their farming operations.” He appreciates the company’s leadership, particularly how “the owner group is willing to listen to new ideas for better serving our customers and supports our team members by encouraging growth and development.”

Dietz believes that Red River Ag stands out in its commitment to understanding and catering to the specific needs of its customers, regardless of the size of their farm operations. “We make a sincere effort to know our customers and their specific needs,” Dietz said. This approach, coupled with the organization’s responsiveness to customer feedback, is a key factor in its success.

Another thing Dietz appreciates is the owners’ openness to new ideas and willingness to adapt—this is instrumental in providing team members like Dietz with the tools and support needed for growth. “Aaron and the other owners are good listeners. They are young and energetic,” he said.

Describing the company culture, Dietz appreciates the team spirit and the fun work environment. “We have an awesome employee group. We have fun at work. We work hard but we also take time to appreciate each other’s talents and personalities,” he said.

The family-oriented values of Red River Ag resonate with Dietz, especially in how it enables him to interact with farmers and their families. “In the grain and agronomy business, we deal directly with the farm decision-makers,” Dietz said.

“Give us the opportunity to help your farming operation focused on your success— these are just a few reasons to give Red River Ag at Hawley, MN a try!”

About Hefty Seed Company

Hefty Seed Company provides Red River Ag with advanced agricultural inputs, including top-tier seeds, fertilizers, and crop protection products, along with expert agronomic advice. This partnership helps Red River Ag to optimize its crop production and maintain its status as a frontrunner in innovative farming practices.

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Red River Ag has three locations in Minnesota: Hawley, Plummer, and Thief River Falls.

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