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Three Reasons To Grow Food-Grade Soybeans

What if there was a way to diversity and turn a larger profit while continuing to do what you know and love–planting corn and soybeans? It may be time to consider adding food-grade soybeans into your operation. Food-grad soybeans are specific varieties that are selected for characteristics ideal for the production of tofu, natto, soy milk and other soy foods.

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1. Identify Preservation

Most U.S. soybeans grown are delivered to local elevators post-harvest where they are then sent to be crushed into ingredients for oil and meal. Companies like SB&B Foods out of Casselton, ND, connect their grower partners to global food markets around the world. By focusing on maintaining the volume and quality of the crop with the highest traceability standards.

2. Premium

You already grow soybeans, so why not grow a third of your acres at an increased premium? The premium payments for food-grade soybeans are a direct reflection of the demand for these unique varieties.

“The demand is significant,” said Bob Sinner, President of SB&B Foods, “The real issue is having enough supply to meet the demand for food manufacturers. As the economies of Southeast Asia improve, people are wanting to eat better.”

3. Pride

When it comes to marketing soybeans, there are numerous opportunities available, but none quite like knowing your product is making an actual difference in someone’s life–and on their dinner plate.

“Our overseas customers hold U.S. grown identity-preserved soybeans in high regards, in fact, we have soy food shops that place storefront banners saying “SB&B soybeans sold here”–it’s quite incredible,” said Todd Sinner, SB&B Partner.

Working with an established local processor like SB&B Foods guarantees contracts that work within your current operation, provide proof of strong international market ties, and emphasizes identity preservation. With locations in Casselton, ND and Wisconsin, SB&B Foods is proud to be a sustainable partner for the future of agriculture.

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