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Top Tiktok Farming Influencers


Justin Rhodes


Background: North Carolina’s Justin Rhodes is on a mission to share how to homestead. While sharing his own story, Rhodes offers plenty of insight regarding how to become self-sufficient through lighthearted, inspiring short videos.

Why They Stick Out: Rhodes emphasizes a focus on homesteading education in his TikTok videos. Through his videos, any viewer is able to gain inspiration and learn how to be self-sufficient in growth.

Shay Myers


Background: In Shay Myers’ videos, he focuses on sharing insight into unique areas of the growing industry, ranging from properly picking asparagus to why food costs will be increasing in the next year. Over time, the third-generation farmer has amassed nearly 378,000 followers that learn new farming information from him through his weekly videos.

Why They Stick Out: Few people are as determined to spread the word about the latest in the farming industry as Myers. As he updates his followers with commentary regarding changes all around the world, both in and out of the agriculture field, they learn new information about how farming impacts other markets.

Huey Boelen


Background: Specializing in primarily dairy and indoor farming, Huey Boelen is a jack of all trades among farming influencers. Boelen provides a firsthand look at daily tasks in the life of operating a dairy farm. Also, Boelsen shares his story with indoor farming, where he can produce more lettuce in a shorter cycle, while also using less water. Through these farming techniques and videos, Boelen is inspiring viewers to consider more forward-thinking farming alternatives one follower at a time.

Why They Stick Out: Boelen’s TikTok page is extremely easy to follow, keeping the viewer engaged and interested in learning more about different forms of farming. With distinct tabs leading to dairy.

Michelle Squirrely


Background: Based out of Georgia, Squirrely showcases that while her work may be challenging at times, she can’t be stopped from having fun while doing it. Complete with a unique and fresh perspective, she doesn’t hold back on the pros and cons of her farm and its labor process.

Why They Stick Out: As she has a relatively new account, Michelle Squirrely is fresh to documenting her farming experience and looks to develop a unique take on documenting her farming experience.

Hannah Jackson


Background: As a skilled public speaker and award-winning writer, Hannah Jackson had no fear when hopping aboard social media to document her journey through the shepherding industry. Through her TikTok videos and Instagram feed, she showcases her lambing experiences while also highlighting proper farm safety.

Why They Stick Out: Many farmers devote themselves solely to their work in agriculture and ensuring success in a great season. Jackson, on the other hand, looks to boost awareness through her writing. In her book, ‘Call Me Red’, readers can learn about her past and full journey, leading up to what they see across social media.

Farmer Andy


Background: Hailing from the UK, Farmer Andy offers humor, educational clips and much more. As a dairy farmer, Andy aims to not only spread positivity about the farming industry but also spotlight the misconceptions of false animal abuse in the industry.

Why They Stick Out: Farmer Andy has gained hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTok with his lighthearted comedy skits and quick-witted sense of humor. While his personality and funny videos may be what people came to his page for, he’s using the platform to address many serious topics including mental health, abuse and much more.

Tyler Froberg


Background: Tyler Froberg offers the perfect blend of education and humor that both farming professionals and novices would be entertained by, as they learn and laugh through his account.

Why They Stick Out: “Farmer Frodberg” is a natural when it comes to social media. Born to be in the spotlight, Froberg offers a healthy mix of lighthearted laughs and inspiration to dive into the world of agriculture.

Charlotte Ashley


Background: Charlotte Ashley is a farmer first, natural comedian second. As she continues her new life on the farm, she brings silliness and seriousness to the table through wholesome firsthand farming experiences.

Why They Stick Out: On top of her significant work in farming education, Ashley also creates art through wool processing, making for an interesting side project that’s rarely seen on TikTok.



Background: Taking a look at farming influencers across the globe, one Australian farmer has caught the attention of many. With over 763,000 followers, Peter keeps his followers entertained with daily updates regarding the crops, machines, seeding and much more across the pond.

Why They Stick Out: Many of us are used to seeing American agriculture and farming, but how many have seen farming in Australia? Through his videos, viewers can see a unique growing process that wouldn’t be possible to see without social media.

Hannah Neeleman


Background: As a mother of six who runs a pig farm (Ballerina Farm) alongside her husband and children, Hannah Neeleman is striving to be the best that she can be. While she’s much more known for her Instagram account, Neeleman has begun expanding her social media reach to make an even larger influence.

Why They Stick Out: Neeleman puts her chaotic life on full display as her family finds success on the farm. Neeleman was also crowned as 2021’s Mrs. Utah! farming impacts other markets.

Hayden Fox


Background: Based out of Canada, Hayden Fox is having the time of his life on the farm. As he faces his daily challenges on the farm, he’s making the most of it, as well as recording it all for our pure entertainment.

Why They Stick Out: Farmer Fox may very well be one of the funniest and most energetic video creators in the farming TikTok field.

Brian Brigantti


Background: At the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, Brian Brigantti made the leap to purchase and move to Tennessee farmland with his partner. There, Brigantti documents his daily routine, the health of his crops and more.

Why They Stick Out: The video creator not only educational growing tips but also intriguing recipes such as grilled sunflowers.

B.A. Sheppard


Background: B.A. Sheppard, a proud horse farm owner and operator, has been dominating TikTok as a farm-themed motivational speaker and influencer. Viewers are learning about his story and operations as he runs a horse farm, as well as deeper conversation topics that motivate them to achieve greater goals in their life alongside him.

Why They Stick Out: Sheppard offers life lessons of all forms, both on and off the farm. No matter the number of videos that a follower watches, they’re bound to receive valuable advice from the influencer.

Angelique Taylor and David “Kip” Ritchey


Background: The duo behind “Smarter By Nature” is a force looking to better the world. Angelique Taylor and David “Kip” Ritchey first attended a climate change march in 2015, where they made the decision to restore food systems in Florida using only hand tools.

Why They Stick Out: Taylor and Ritchey developed a focus on regenerative agriculture, where they aim to do their part in reversing climate change through forward-thinking farming techniques.

Morgan Gold


Background: Located in Vermont, Morgan Gold has gained quite the following for his duck and goose farm. With over 1.7 million followers, Gold is most famous for attaching mobile cameras to his farm animals for a “day in the life” experience. He also sheds light on the commercial side of farming, discussing the financial opportunities at hand for those willing to take the leap.

Why They Stick Out: Gold shows the lighthearted, fun side of having a farm filled with animals. As viewers watch him document his care for them, it’s clear that his TikTok videos are more heartwarming than any others you’ll find.

Grains and Manes Farm


Background: Grains & Manes Farm’s TikTok page showcases the daily life of a small-town farm in Wisconsin. As they advertise specializing in corn, soybeans, hay and horses, the farm shows the fun side of keeping a business in the ag field pushing forward.

Why They Stick Out: Rather than follow one person’s journey, this page follows a whole Wisconsin farm with many divisions and specialties.

Lightskin Farmer


Background: TikTok trendsetter Lightskin Farmer has shed light on the farming industry in a unique way, to say the least. The video creator has gained over 150,000 followers for his comical videos, both on and off the farm. As he shows the fun side of the farming lifestyle, he convinces more young social media users to pursue an agricultural lifestyle.

Why They Stick Out: While many agriculture pages take more of a “day in the life” approach, Lightskin Farmer puts the laughs first.

6th Gen Farmer


Background: 6th Gen Farmer shows that it takes a village to get things done on a largescale farm. As he captures the daily family farming tasks and activities at hand on video, he also takes time to answer questions that viewers have regarding any step in the process. If the TikTok’s aren’t enough, 6th Gen Farmer also has a YouTube channel that offers long-form videos and educational deep dives into all things farming.

Why They Stick Out: Every farmer has a unique story to tell that’s like no other. This specific farmer chooses to document his story, alongside his family, in a way that captured the attention of thousands.

Alyson Ankrom


Background: As a mother of four in the heart of Missouri, it’s safe to say that Alyson Ankrom appreciates her time outdoors. So much so, that she created a TikTok account filled with tips for creating and sustaining a beautiful flower garden. On her account, various gardening techniques, types of flowers to plant, and resources continue to inspire gardeners across the globe.

Why They Stick Out: Ankrom proves that it doesn’t take farming experience or equipment to care for a garden worth being proud of. With her tips and tricks, each follower is bound to learn something new in the world of flower farms and gardening.



Background: With a focus on regenerative agriculture, Farmer Melody highlights what a younger generation can do to help our planet as we gain from it. Her adventure includes many different animals and livestock, along with other farming and gardening tips. Based out of Washington, one of Melody’s messages is that the lifestyle may not be the easiest to live, but it does feel good to give back while doing what she loves.

Why They Stick Out: Melody showcases that she’s just an everyday farmer who shares her life with the world. Gaining a new perspective, along with a few lessons during her “day in the life” videos, prove to be just as entertaining as they are educational.

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