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ReadiTech Offers A Seamless Experience When It Comes To Business Security

Many moving pieces must work together to help make a business successful; many solutions must work seamlessly behind the scenes to ensure a business keeps moving forward. ReadiTech, a managed IT and broadband provider is one of those moving pieces. We sat down with ReadiTech Sr. Sales Account Executive Brian Cox and Abbiamo Pasta Company Co-Owner Chuck Kessler to discuss how ReadiTech has made a positive impact on Abbiamo.

Introduce us to Abbiamo Pasta Company

Kessler: Abbiamo Pasta Company was founded in 2013 by local farmers and experienced industry professionals. We centered our core company values around outstanding customer service and finished products. Abbiamo Pasta Company has been producing short goods pasta since 2014 and expanded its production capacity in 2017 to meet customer demands. APC is continuing to grow with a new production line that started in the Spring of 2021.

Our products are produced from semolina and hard red spring wheat flour. The durum semolina is North Dakota grown and milled in Grand Forks, ND at the North Dakota Mill. NDM is a state-run mill that has been producing quality flour and semolina since 1922.

What were some of the IT issues you were facing before ReadiTech stepped in?

Kessler: We wanted to work with a company that could provide us with all services; IT, security cameras and Internet.

Kory Johnson, Plant Manager and Chuck Kessler in front of the Abbiamo Pasta Company in Casselton, ND.

Tell us about the security system ReadiTech provides to Abbiamo Pasta Company.

Cox: We currently provide Abbiamo Pasta with a security system that not only allows for security surveillance around the plant but also helps their team monitor their machinery and production. This provides any of the primary office and control room staff the ability to see what is happening through the plant at any given time.

Does ReadiTech also provide routers and access points?

Cox: We provide Abbiamo Pasta Company with a business class firewall to help them protect their network from external intrusions and also allows them the ability to connect to their business network remotely over a secured VPN tunnel. This provides them with the option to have remote workers to assist them. We also set up the Abbiamo Pasta Company with a wireless network throughout the plant that allows for them to have a secure network connection for work while also having a separate secure network for their robotic wireless equipment.

Tell us about the secure online backups Readitech provides.

Cox: ReadiTech provides the Abbiamo Pasta Company with a full metal backup solution for disaster recovery. In the event of a complete failure of their network server, we can have their backup spun up in a cloud environment in a matter of minutes and get them back to production while we work on the physical hardware that failed.

Many businesses struggle with spam, does ReadiTech provide a solution?

Cox: ReadiTech offers many cybersecurity solutions. We provide the Abbiamo Pasta Company with email spam filtering solutions. This helps protect their email from unwanted spam or malicious email attempts that could cause issues or potential crypto/ransomware on their network.

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