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A New Way Of Posting Land

Longtime friends and Devils Lake, ND natives Levi Otis and Kyle Reierson formed QR Posts in the Fall of 2020. Seeing a communication barrier between Farmers, Landowners, and Hunters, they saw and understood the need for easier communication between the parties.

Having spent many years lobbying for private property rights in the legislature, Otis often saw the same problem repeating itself: the “Posting Bill”– problems arising between landowners and those wanting land access.

Reierson, who had experience in web development and design, sat down with Otis to talk about these issues. “I told him about it and he said, ‘We can fix this problem for them!’– and that’s kind of how QR Posts started,” says Otis.

Legally, every state has a different requirement of what posting signs have to be, in terms of space Distance between signs, lettering, etc., which can bring a few challenges along the way. The state of North Dakota has an online posting application and can use QR Posts as the contact information, which makes the process as smooth and simple as possible.

With this approach, landowners won’t actually have to post physical signs, but they can still use the QR Posts site to manage their farms. Using an innovative solution like QR Posts has many benefits, including building a channel of easier communication between landowners and hunters, or others wanting land access. “It’s a nice way of communicating– a hunter scans the sign, and the landowner receives the request via text, or they can set up automatic replies,” says Otis. “It’s a pretty simple and easy way of managing requests for property access, so you know who is on it, when they are on it, and what field they are on; It’s all about easy and effective communication”.

In addition to North Dakota, QR Posts offers its service to five other states, with plans of expanding to many more in the near future.

“Our main goal is to help mend relationships between landowners and hunters by bridging the communication gap,” says Otis. “Our families hunt and fish. We, like 99% of other outdoorsmen, respect private property rights, and that’s why we wanted to create a formal process to help streamline communication between landowners and people wanting to access their land – that’s ultimately the goal.”

One of the many perks of using QR Posts is their signs, which are North Dakota weather and fade-resistant. Additionally, the QR codes are maintenance-free and do not require any kind of renewal, so landowners do not have to worry about their codes expiring. QR Posts is also considering the rollout of a smartphone app to make the communication process even more efficient for both landowners and hunters.

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