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Doing Business with Brazil

About Bruno

Bruno Dupin is the Founder and CEO of Startup Connection USA. He is an Agricultural Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in multinational companies and an international reference in Technology and Innovation, mainly in Agribusiness. Bruno is a technology enthusiast that helps companies and employees think differently and in an innovative/disruptive way.

“I grew up at this small city in Brazil, where Embrapa Maize & Sorghum, the Brazilian version of the USDA, is based. I worked with Felipe Gonzalez at Plug and Play in Silicon Valley, and I learned about Fargo when he moved here.”

Bruno Dupin

About Startup Connection USA

Startup Connection USA was founded in 2018 by Bruno Dupin with the purpose of connecting great solutions with several problems! Through an internally developed methodology, they help companies to develop a culture of innovation within organizations, mainly: Creating innovative ideas based on customers demand and co-creating events, workshops, leadership programs, CVC structuring, and innovation training for the entire team.

Q&A with Bruno Dupin

Q: Tell us about Startup Connection USA and your mission.

A: Startup Connection helps large Ag companies, investors and startups get together, figure out how they can make innovation work, and how we can make it faster and cheaper. Our mission is to show everyone that Innovation is more about action than generating ideas and that we are the ones responsible for leading the future of agriculture. We want to develop the New Silicon Valley in Fargo, ND.

Q: What are your entrepreneurial highs and lows?

A: The highest is getting known by what I do and not for my job title. My lowest points have come from the fact that entrepreneurship is full of ups and downs. I figured out that some colleagues at my old job just wanted to stay close to me because I was in a leadership/key position. It scared me a lot!

Q: What is the most important lesson you’ve learned throughout your entrepreneurial journey?

A: Before trying to sell a PowerPoint presentation, build your MVP, find your market fit, and improve your business.

Q: Startup Connection USA is officially a part of the Fargo-Moorhead founder family. How can our community support you in your next stage of growth?

A: As you know, our company is based on meaningful connections. We would love to build a strong network to improve Fargo’s Agtech ecosystem. Our goal is to bring five Latin Startups to town. If you could join our meetings requests and be opened to learn a bit more about what Brazilian startups are doing, that’d be a great start!

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Readers can learn more about Bruno and Startup Connection USA online at:

Facebook: search “Startup Connection USA

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