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Looking to Make Running Your Farm Easier?

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Back in the day, farmers had to do everything the hard way. They had to put out rain gauges to check the rainfall in the fields, calculate potential crop yields by hand and scrounge around at the newspaper stand and listen to the radio to hear the current Ag news. Today, a farmer can have all of that and more in the palm of their hand! There are so many apps that have the ability to make farming and running an agribusiness easier, more efficient and up-to-date with the modern world. Try out these agricultural and farming apps to stay in the know about current agribusiness practices and make farm management less stressful.


Google Play & Apple App Store

AgriSync helps farmers and agribusiness advisors to connect and find solutions to agriculture and business problems. Farmers can connect with advisors in real-time via video to get help quickly. This service is free to farmers/producers!

AgWeb News & Market

Google Play & Apple App Store

AgWeb offers a culmination of all kinds of agricultural news, from ag management to farm business to blog posts from farmers around the country. Get information about current markets and what other producers are doing through AgWeb’s news resources.


Google Play & Apple App Store

Farmbrite is a farm and livestock record-keeping and management system that helps you run a more efficient agricultural business. Farmers can improve their business with the integrated farm and livestock record-keeping, planning, management, tracking, sales, and reporting software that Farmbrite offers. The mobile app includes an offline mode to allow scouting, task management and record keeping offline.

Farm Futures

Google Play & Apple App Store

The Farm Futures app is the mobile-optimized version of the Farm Futures magazine. Offering access to the leading management-oriented farm magazine, the Farm Futures app provides information on enhanced user-customized markets, market commentary, news and audio updated every business day.

eKonomics By Nutrien

Google Play & Apple App Store

eKonomics by Nutrien is an all-encompassing farming resource. The app allows you to access accurate information and research tools from anywhere to give you better insight over your nutrient management. Important features include: an ROI Calculator that assists with making accurate nutrient application plans; a Growing Degree Days Calculator that is built to help you determine plant and pest development rates based on your farm’s location; a Nutrient Removal Calculator that can help you determine the amount of nutrients that need to be replaced in your soil after harvest and economic impact of nutrient replacement/ removal; and a Rainfall Tracker, which is helpful to track rainfall data and identify weather patterns and trends in your fields.


Google Play & Apple App Store

FARMap allows farmers to map their farm and record all paddock and livestock treatments on their phone, tablet or computer. All data is stored in the account and is accessible from all devices, making sure you have all the info you need to create quality assurance reports anywhere you are. Farmers can also collaborate with multiple users to keep track of their farm or multiple farms within the app. Livestock recording options include mob movement, feeding, mating (which automatically creates dates for lambing/ calving) and chemical treatments. Paddock treatment recording options include chemical name and batch numbers, wind speed and direction and applicators details.


Google Play & Apple App Store

FarmLogs is a farm management software application powered by Bushel. The app helps crop farmers manage digital farm records, monitor field and crop conditions, calculate cost of production to market grain and analyze their farms’ financial performance. Features include: the ability to map fields and automatically provide directions to their location; alerts when it rains on your fields; the ability to track all your field work in one place to keep your records organized, secure and accessible from anywhere; the ability to log GPS-tagged scouting notes with photos; ability to view in-season satellite images in NDVI, true color and color infrared layers to identify yield threats; a complete view of your current grain marketing position; technology to help identify local markets and find where you can get the best price for your crop; and the ability to see each soil type area and elevation features in your fields. FarmLogs assists with making farm management easier and more intuitive.

Granular Insights

Google Play & Apple App Store

Granular Insights is a farmer-focused app that helps you scout your fields more effectively. Imagery from satellites provides frequent imaging at high resolution for field-by-field insights. The satellite imagery is enhanced by Vegetation Index data science models and smart cloud cover detection. The app allows you to track your field conditions from anywhere at any time and invite others to collaborate with you, too.

Farm at Hand

Google Play & Apple App Store

Farm At Hand is a farm management app that helps farmers to organize tasks, allocate resources and record activities on their farm more efficiently to assist in making critical business decisions. Features include: Geographic Information System (GIS) capabilities, such as displaying map layers, pinning rocks and scouting; live market pricing for budgets and crop marketing plans; specific member notifications for activities, including scouting and spraying; and the ability to manage pricing, contracts and storage log of crop inputs. The app also allows farmers to collaborate with their team in-app and get custom recommendations based on their entered crop data.

Nutrien Pocket Rain Gaugetm

Google Play & Apple App Store

If you’re only looking to gauge the rain that your crops receive, Nutrien’s Pocket Rain Gauge is a free tool that gives you access to reports of total rainfall in your area or your field for the previous 24 hours. To ensure accuracy, Nutrien uses meteorological information drawn from reliable data sources.

Nutrien Pocket Spray Smarttm

Google Play & Apple App Store

Looking for a good time to spray your fields? Nutrien’s Pocket Spray Smart uses GPS technology to help make sure you are spraying in the perfect conditions. The app shows you meteorological conditions like current and forecasted wind speed, direction and atmospheric inversion potential that may affect the application of spray-based products.


Google Play & Apple App Store

Buying brand-new farming equipment can be incredibly expensive, and you may not think the investment is worth it if you have the option of used equipment that’s still in good shape. TractorHouse is an app that allows farmers to buy and sell their farming equipment to other farmers around the nation! The app features listings from hundreds of sellers throughout North America, and lets you narrow down your search by the category, make and model you need.


Google Play & Apple App Store

Sirrus assists agronomists and farmers in collaborating on farming decisions by making field data easily accessible and collectible. Key features of this app include: the ability to scout crops for pest pressures and easily record and collect observation photos; the ability to create and share recommendations from the field; the ability to generate PDF reports and share them with collaborators; the ability to record soil samples using a grid, zones or previous soil sampling points; fertilizer and nutrient recommendations; the ability to receive rainfall estimates updated to the hour for each field; and more. Sirrus also offers a premium subscription for a fee. The premium version includes extra features, including an Advanced Fertilizer Recommendation Editor that allows you to edit variable rate recommendations by total product or cost; Product Labels/Safety Data Sheets (SDS) that allow you to view up-todate product information, labels, SDS and store for offline use; Variety Tech Sheets that allow you to view and share variety traits/ information and store for offline use; Premium Reports that cover your scouting and recommendation communication needs; and a Recents Search, a tool to increase efficiency in recommendation creation by sourcing previous activities.

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