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What is the elevator pitch you use for your startup?

Stratuscent is the global leader in digital smell detection. Using technology built on a foundation of NASA-patented innovations deployed on the International Space Station, we have created the world’s first and only digital nose that can detect, identify and interpret odors in everyday environments with incredible accuracy. This creates groundbreaking opportunities across the agriculture market, where digital olfaction has highvalue applications ranging from proactive treatment of damaged produce, reduced wastage, faster and more cost-effective inspection and enabling healthy grains, crops and animals.

What pain points are you trying to solve in agriculture?

Reducing the staggering volume of food wastage (a multi-billion dollar problem), including the billions of tonnes of food produced globally that is lost before it even leaves the farm. Delivering a far more efficient and proactive AI service that enables the proactive treatment of damaged produce and the faster and more cost-effective inspection and monitoring of healthy grains, crops, produce and animals.

How did you get the idea to start your company?

Based on our CTO and founder’s (Ashok Masilamani) love of space, he researched SpaceX and how it builds rockets (e.g. Falcon 9) that are tremendously reliable, low cost and highly efficient. With the opportunity to digitize our sense of smell, we wanted to make a groundbreaking difference on contributing to a healthier planet from reduced food wastage, improved air quality and healthcare perspective, with a low-cost and robust solution.

What are your plans to work with the Grand Farm?

We would love to be a valuable contributor and partner to Grand Farm’s promotion of innovative agriculture technology in the upper midwest, and globally, to support the farming community. Furthermore, we are eager to take part in experimental projects with our digital nose platform to deliver soil, seed, plant, produce and animal health monitoring.

What are your plans for the US market? Do you think you’ll have a presence in the midwest?

Our company and market expansion plans include a presence in the US and the midwest is definitely on our radar! We have a US legal entity.

Charles Marsh VP Of Business Developmen

If your product/service was already being used by everyone, globally, what impact would that have?

We would be having a positive impact on enabling a healthier planet, with the reduction of food wastage and emission of greenhouse gasses, improved air quality in farmhouses and maximizing the production and delivery of healthy produce.

How are you incorporating growers into your business plan?

As well as working with key technology partnerships (e.g. companies currently delivering precision farming services), we are focusing on how we can empower farmers with an affordable, portable and easy-to-use digital nose device.

Where do you see your company in 10 years?

Having our digital device in the hands of every farmer.

This magazine reaches 16,000+ farmers. In one sentence, what would you like to tell them?

Reduce wastage and maximize production with Stratuscent’s digital nose platform, which will ultimately deliver healthy farming and a healthier planet.

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