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Enhancing Convenience of Everyday Life

Aaron Halik Founder/CEO, Trimyxs

About Aaron

Aaron Halik is the founder and CEO of Trimyxs. While Aaron was born in Florida, at a young age, he and his family moved to Nevis, MN. After graduating high school, Aaron was unsure where he wanted to go, but he knew he wanted to pursue engineering. He did not know where he wanted to attend college. However, that changed when Aaron toured North Dakota State University, where he felt right at home. In 2013, he moved to Fargo and has never left.

About Trimyxs

Aaron founded Trimyxs, a weed trimmer and edger that attaches to all major push lawn mower brands. This is the first product that Aaron has launched. However, he has many more ideas, stored in a glass jar on his nightstand.

“Our mission is to develop innovative solutions to enhance the convenience of everyday life.”

As Aaron reflects on the highs and lows of his entrepreneurial journey, he explains that some of the lowest points have been when “you put in all this work, strategy, and effort into a design and time after time it fails.” He specifically recalls when he worked on a design and prototype for the Trimyxs for about three weeks. Within the first three minutes of testing, it broke. Aaron shares that it is exhausting when you are not producing the results you would like to see.

Aaron has also overcome some challenges along the way. Starting out, Aaron struggled with funding. “You have no money to spend, so you have to wear the entrepreneur startup hat, which consists of every hat that is needed to build a business: designing, testing, marketing, website designer, advertisement, legal content, branding, assembling, speaking, networking, procurement, shipping and receiving, finance, all while balancing your full-time job and your family.”

Aaron has learned a lot from his challenges. He explains that some of the highest points in his entrepreneurial journey have been when customers reach out and praise the Trimyxs. He also loves when he runs into people that have seen his product or recognize him from online.

Aaron shares some encouraging moments, “A large corporation has interest in the Trimyxs and potentially partnering, a distributor from Australia reached out wanting to sell the product in Australia. An Amazon specialist for new and upcoming inventions reached out to us to be a selected product that they wanted to sell on Amazon. The owner of a few locally owned Ace hardware stores in Arizona reached out to express interest in selling our product. Hitting 3.5 million views on one of the TikTok videos has really helped get the word out.” After a long six years, Aaron notes that it is rejuvenating to see all of his hard work paying off.

When asked how the community can support Aaron and Trimyxs, Aaron explains that if this is a product of your interest, you can visit their website to purchase a Trimyxs of your own. He also asks that you spread the word throughout the community. “We ask that if anyone has connections to help further grow our product to please reach out to us at [email protected]. We always will take feedback and recommendations to help grow the business”

“Lastly, I personally want to give back and if anyone has questions or is struggling as a startup I will provide and do my best to answer any questions that anyone has. Please feel free to reach out to me at aaronhalik@gmail. com.”

Readers can learn more about Aaron and Trimyxs by visiting their Website (, Facebook (/trimyxs), Instagram (trimyxs), YouTube (trimyxs), LinkedIn and TikTok (@trimyxs).

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