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Featured Software: The Ellingson App

Ellingson, a leader in farm water management since 1970, launched an exciting new digital platform at this year’s Big Iron Farm Show. Letting users access and analyze their data via an app, Ellingson leads the way with this cloud- based technology.

Ellingson App Featured Software

With 50 years of boots-in-the-field experience, Ellingson just introduced a digital platform and app that will keep them at the top of their field. The Minnesota-based provider of farm water management solutions and installations’ app is a precision ag software that provides convenient access to farm data and water management tools for easy data-driven decisions, improved crop yield and efficient drainage planning.

The Ellingson App combines public and proprietary farm data into one platform. Here, growers, land managers, agronomists and drainage contractors can access this data on their smartphones, tablets or the web. Previously, accessing this information required taking the extra time to use a variety of sources, but now it is available at the swipe of a screen.

Ellingson collaborated with respected world-leading institutions and companies, as well as trusted local organizations, to develop the platform. While other farm data software exists, The Ellingson App is the only platform created by a company that actually engineers and installs water management systems.

“There are other tools out there, but ours is the only one backed by 50 years of hands-on experience,” said Jeremy Ellingson, Ellingson COO. “Those years of getting our hands dirty gives us insight into what information is most important to our customers and how they can use it most effectively to improve their yields and overall efficiency.”

By utilizing this app and taking a strategic approach to their fields, growers can use these services to improve their yield. Ellingson plans to continue to add service options and other capabilities to the app, so users can expect even more assets over time.

The platform will initially include two services users can take advantage of: Farm Data and Farm Monitor. These two options are available as individual subscriptions or bundled together.

Farm Data

Who has the time to use multiple sources of information to get the data needed to make informed decisions? Certainly not a busy farmer. With the Ellingson App Farm Data tool, users can see the big picture, with all the information needed for a successful farm in one place.

Assets of the Farm Data Service:

Gain access to soil data for the boundary, provided by the NRCS SSURGO database.

View drainage data from the app. The drainage classes are split into seven different types based on the rate that water moves through the soil.

View a map and attributes of the subsurface drainage installed in a field.

Identify a property’s boundaries on a map.

See Farm Service Agency digital border data overlaying an aerial image of the selected boundary.

Check the local weather forecast.

Legal ownership information of a farmland.

Crop History
Examine a four-year crop history breakdown for the selected boundary.

View elevation statistics with two styles of maps. A topography map displays a two-dimensional representation of the 3-D surface. The contour map shows the contours for the boundary over an aerial image.

See the statistics and map for the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). This is a simple graphical indicator of vegetation biomass. It uses near-infrared and visible red reflectance to create an index number.

Hail History
Read a report of all hail activity in an area for the year selected.

See the type of wetlands within the boundary.

FEMA Report
Pull up the flood zones and FIRM panels that are present in the selected boundary.

Farm Monitor

The Farm Monitor service offers real-time insights and control over Ellingson pumps and sensors within a field. The more up to date your information is, the better chance you have of making decisions that will improve crop yield and lower overall costs. The Ellingson App Farm Monitor tool delivers personalized information about field conditions, all from your screen.

Assets of the Farm Monitor Service:

Mobile App
Control your pumps, see water levels and view pump locations and alerts from a mobile app available on your phone and tablet, or access the platform on a computer.

Remote Pump Monitor
Gain access to real-time water pump data so you can always be in the know.

Water Level
Monitor real-time water level data.

Pump Location
Conveniently control your water pump or pumps from wherever you are.

New users can take advantage of a 30-day free trial for the platform by using promo code BIGIRON2020. Learn more at

Ellingson water and infrastructure management company
Founded in 1970, Ellingson,, is a family-owned, independent water- and infrastructure-management company providing safe, technology-driven construction planning, design and installation services. The company is driven by the same customer-focused values and work ethic it was founded upon and has earned a reputation for quality, safe trenchless solutions in the agriculture, wet and dry utilities and oil and gas industries.

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