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To better understand what LG Seeds provides and how STAR Partners operate, we spoke with STAR Partner, Jerred Copp. This Minnesota LG Seeds STAR Partner shared what makes him feel like a valuable part of the company’s mission and why they do what they do.

Because your business is more than a farm, LG Seeds is dedicated to being more than a seed company. In a unique approach to the industry, LG Seeds works intimately with a network of regional STAR Partner dealers. By bringing about this team approach, they are able to serve farmers with their leading genetics but also “feet on the ground” expertise.

It’s not enough to provide farmers with leading-edge research and genetic hybrids, the LG Seeds team is dedicated to personalized results. To achieve this, the company enlists STAR Partner dealers. These STAR Partners work closely with the sales team and agronomists, receiving marketing and business support to aid their regional clients. STAR Partners are equipped with the resources to maximize success for farmers. Including strong agronomic expertise, in-field support, digital ag platforms and regular training on the latest genetics and technologies.

Jerred Copp

STAR Partner – Ash Grove Ag (Warren, Minn.)

Ash Grove Ag is a family-owned LG Seeds STAR Partner in Warren, Minnesota. Jerred Copp, owner of Ash Grove Ag comes from four generations of farmers, and is dedicated to helping farmers grow premium seed, provide unmatched customer service and being a staple supplier for all growers.

Copp, 40, was born and raised in Warren, Minn., and grew up on the family farm, assisting his father John. Together, they did custom combining for 13 years before son Jerred pursued Ag Business Management at the University of Minnesota Crookston. Copp later worked for an agronomist for nine years, gaining more experience in the world of agriculture and later ventured into the world of ag business sales. His love for farming, community and the seed business led Copp to start Ash Grove Ag in 2015, a family-owned LG Seeds supplier right in his hometown of Warren, Minn. Today, Ash Grove Ag is a family-owned team of four, continuing to build a reputation for top-quality seed, and excellent customer service.

Copp loves working with the farmers each day. “I love sitting down [with the farmers], putting a plan together, and watching that plan come together,” says Copp. “That’s why I started the business; I like to see what LG Seeds crops have to offer.”

Being a good salesperson is important to building a relationship with farmers
and earning their trust, especially when it comes to choosing the right seed. “Customer service is number one–that’s what I’ve always strived for,” says Copp. “If we don’t have customer service, we don’t have anything.” Although Ash Grove Ag has only been around for six years, they are growing rapidly each year, and a large part of that success is attributed to earning the farmer’s trust and building upon that foundation.

To Copp, some of those attributes of being a good salesperson include sitting relationship and talking with them all throughout the growing season, not just during sales time in the spring.

When it comes to growers, Copp believes LG Seeds has superior quality as well as the right tools for placing crops on the best acres for maximum return. Some of Copp’s favorites are the Mix Matters ToolTM and Mix MakerTM hybrids from LG Seeds. These tools help Copp strategize with the farmers, learn more about their needs and helping them choose the best seed varieties for their acres.

“We run 24 hours a day with the farmers just to keep up and get them ahead,” says Copp. His dedication to keeping farmers supplied and receiving the very best of customer service is Copp’s number-one priority.

And Copp’s hard work in management doesn’t go unnoticed; Ash Grove Ag has built a reputation for great customer service, and it’s not uncommon for Copp to receive notes and slips from farmers saying ‘thanks for keeping us going!’ and other expressions of gratitude. Copp and his team at Ash Grove Ag pride themselves in upholding that great customer service, and continuing to deliver that for years to come.

Every farmer and grower wants great seed and a reliable product to use, and LG Seeds is no exception. Not only is Copp amazed with the quality and genetics of LG Seeds, he is also impressed with the support LG Seeds provides. “They’re great people to work with,” says Copp. “They sit down and work with you…I consider them hometown people.”

The more you learn about LG Seeds, the more you’ll realize this is a common trend–their teams have built a solid reputation for having amazing customer support, being personable and having great research and data to back it up. “I consider [LG Seeds] to have some of the best corn genetics in the industry,” says Copp.

During this time last year in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic was spreading rapidly across the globe. Businesses everywhere were being affected and needed to quickly learn and implement new ways to adapt to the ‘new normal.’ For Copp, however, sales were not negatively affected, and the family-owned Ash Grove Ag adapted to the changes extremely well. “We adapted to [the pandemic] really well,” says Copp. “We just made more phone calls, and sales just took longer in general, but it didn’t hurt us at all.”

Despite a dry start to the 2021 spring season, Copp has high hopes for growers and crops this year, and with reliable products like LG Seeds, farmers can be optimistic about the coming year. In addition, Copp wants growers to know that no matter what the year brings, Ash Grove Ag will be with you every step of the way.

In his free time, Copp enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with his wife Tara and two children Ryker and Tynley, who also help out with the family business. Copp and Ash Grove Ag wishes all growers out there a happy and safe growing season.

Team 27 (Jerred Copp’s Team)
Daniel Grefsrud – Sales Account Manager
Mark Benson – Sales Account Manager
Zachery Bohn – Sales Account Manager
Tim Beninga – Technical Team Agronomist
Sherie Doering – Customer Care Specialist
Michelle Frost – Marketing Coordinator

1122 E 169th St
Westfield, IN 46074

[email protected]

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