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How to Choose a Seed Treatment Blend

There are tons of treatment options out there—each one with a broad range of active ingredients for an even broader range of diseases and pests to control.

So how do you know which one is right for you? Take a look at a few common scenarios below, and learn about treatment options that go with them.

I’ve seen pythium, phytophthora and rhizoctonia in my fields.

In the Midwest especially, soybean diseases like the pythium, phytophthora, fusarium and rhizoctonia are common. To combat these diseases, we recommend finding a seed treatment with high levels of active ingredients. Fungicides like Anchor™ (Mefenoxam®), Azoxystrobin, and Thiabendazole are extremely effective. And when used together, the protection is immense.


  • N-Compass AZO Fungicide/Insecticide
  • N-Compass Plus Fungicide/Insecticide

Ive seen white mold and sudden death (SDS) in my field.

Unfortunately, fields with a history of SDS have a higher risk potential of it recurring. Since the fungus remains in the root system, foliar fungicides are not effective against SDS. So to combat it and to reduce yield losses, seed treatment with high levels of active ingredients like adepidyn or fluopyram is recommended.


  • N-Compass SDS/WM Fungicide/Insecticide
  • Heads Up
  • Saltro
  • Ilevo

I’ve seen nematodes in my field.

The soybean cyst nematode is one of the most damaging pathogens of soybean fields in the U.S. To fight them off, it’s important to choose a broad-spectrum nematicide that you can apply at the seed-treating level. UAS recommends BioST Nematicide 100, a product that does more than repel nematodes—it destroys them. BioST Nematicide defends seeds from the start, and stays in the root zone as the seed grows for up to 75 days.


  • N-Compass Seed Treatment Blends with Nematicide Added
  • BioST Nematicide 100

I want to protect my seeds, but I’m on a very tight budget.

Working on a budget? UAS offers the lowest prices on all of our treatment offerings. But if your treatment budget is razor-thin, a basic fungicide-only seed treatment can still do wonders for your seeds at their most vulnerable stage of life. Our premier fungicideonly blend is high in azoxystrobin to provide substantial control of rhizoctonia, fusarium, white mold, brown spot, seeding blight and many other diseases. It’s available with BioST Nematicide and/or other biologicals added as well.


  • N-Compass AZO Fungicide-Only

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