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Proseed, at the Forefront of Seed Development


In this issue of Future Farmer, the Grand Farm is working to highlight partners working in seed production and planting. One of these key partners working on many projects on the Grand Farm is Proseed. Seed development is very important to the work modern growers do in their operations. Each variation provides significant value, curtailed for the needs of each individual farm. Today, many farmers throughout the MidWest are managing extreme drought conditions – many variations of seeds are being developed to help combat these stresses and provide yields producers can count on.

Who is Proseed?

Proseed, as the name suggests, is a quality seed provider located in Harvey, ND. They provide a wide variety of seeds including canola, sunflower, corn and soybeans. In addition to providing seeds, they run two different programs called the ‘Right Stuff’ and the ‘Right Choice’ where people can explore rewards and discounts on buying Proseed products. The ‘Right Stuff’ program is aimed at expressing their appreciation for the military services of the nation whereas the ‘Right Choice’ program focuses on different rewards, discounts, Scheels gift cards that people can avail for after earning points on their Proseed purchases. The company aims to provide programs, products, technology and value to make their dealers and growers profitable. They have multiple dealers spread all across North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota who can be located through the Proseed website (Proseed :: Locate A Dealer). The Proseed website allows buyers to access the yield data of different varieties of canola, sunflower, corn and soybeans seeds. Proseed with a mission to provide great quality seeds at a reasonable price empowers its buyers by allowing them to investigate the quality of Proseed products before buying them while also earning great discounts and rewards.

From Proseed

Proseed’s decision to get involved with Grand Farm is because we have a firm belief that innovation and data driven results through research are an important way to stay current amongst the constant changes we see in our industry. Our customers are our top priority and we take pride on being able to answer their questions and help bring the latest innovations to their farm. At Grand Farm we are currently growing what we would call “An Agronomy Playground.” We take real life situations our growers could experience and implement them into our research. For example’s we have corn, soybean, and sunflower planting date studies, corn and soybean population studies, corn depth trials, multiple treatment studies, and much more. We want to show our growers visuals to help them understand the effects of what they or others could possibly experience in a real-life situation on their farms. We don’t believe in just handing out a pamphlet consisting of pictures and words describing any one of these situations. We believe being able to meet in person and use something that can be seen and touched brings an experience to the grower that they’ll never forget.

How to Get Involved and See Their Work

Proseed has numerous projects happening on the Grand Farm Innovation Site this year. Some of these projects include seed variation trials, the use of biologics to stimulate growth and nitrogen uptake, timing of input applications, timing of planting and harvest, and many more. These projects include many of the crops Proseed provides to the growers throughout North Dakota and Minnesota. Proseed is working in collaboration with many If you are interested in seeing this work, we welcome you to come to the Grand Farm this season at one of the many events.

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