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Grand Farm Announces 2022 Program and Event Schedule

Space Ag Conference (April 14, 2022)

Memorial Union, University of North Dakota
Virtual Participation Available

Space Ag is a half-day conference exploring advanced agriculture technologies and providing the opportunity to dream about how we solve the ultimate agriculture problem: how to produce agriculture in space? Our world food production system is undergoing a dramatic shift towards sustainable food practices and increased food security. Space agriculture, and the technology it creates, could catalyze the development of high-yield crop production that requires less land and less energy, providing farmers with the ability to create more with less. Often, solving for challenges in Space can help solve challenges on earth.

Cultivate Conference (June 30, 2022)

Fargo, North Dakota

Cultivate is an agriculture technology conference that convenes innovators to explore technology innovations they’ve created, are currently building, or are searching for in their industry. The conference seeks to energize the AgTech community by showcasing the latest innovation in AgTech and how it solves real-world problems faced by the agriculture industry

Innovations in AgTech Conference (August 4-6, 2022)

Kansas City, Kansas

The Innovations in AgTech Conference is designed to highlight innovation that is happening in the agricultural industry in the Midwest. For this event, BioKansas is partnering with Grand Farm to draw in stakeholders interested in growing Midwestern innovations. The conference will include numerous presentations, panel discussions, and opportunities for attendees to experience local culture and food.

Autonomous Nation (August 25, 2022)

Fargo, North Dakota

Autonomous Nation focuses on the autonomous industry, connecting the industry with policymakers and exploring how it relates to key sectors including energy, agriculture, urban air mobility, and unmanned systems. City employees, policymakers, and industry leaders will converge to share and discuss innovations, autonomy, and technology. The conference explores the impact that autonomous systems can have across our region, solving issues such as workforce shortages, inefficiencies, and technology gaps.

Innovation Series

Tickets are available in-person and virtual

Grand Farm’s Innovation Series is a regular meetup that covers a different topic in AgTech at each event and serves as a gathering of entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and innovators.

March 31 – Rural Connectivity
May 26 – Soil and Crop Health
July 28 – Carbon
September 29 – IOT
October 27 – Traceability
November 17 – Ag and Energy

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