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Grand Farm Announces: 2023 Program and Event Schedule

Grand Farm is already underway preparing for the 2023 season creating events, conferences and workshops to accelerate solving agriculture problems with technology solutions. From space to the latest innovations to autonomous systems, take a closer look at what is on the calendar already! More information and registration can be found at

Space Ag Conference

April 4, 2023 Memorial Union, University of North Dakota

Space Ag Conference seeks to explore the potential of advanced agriculture technologies to transform the AgTech industry in space, with the understanding that solutions to space-based challenges can often be applied to those on Earth. Our world’s production system is undergoing a dramatic shift towards sustainable practices and greater food security. Space agriculture and the technology it provides could help farmers produce higher crop yields with less land and energy. This is our opportunity to dream big and envision a bold future for agriculture.

Cultivate Conference

June 8, 2023 Fargo, North Dakota

Cultivate Conference is an agriculture technology conference that convenes innovators to explore technology innovations they’ve created, are currently building or are searching for in their industry. The conference seeks to energize the AgTech community by showcasing the latest innovation in AgTech and how it solves real world problems faced by the agriculture industry

Autonomous Nation Conference

August 29, 2023 Fargo, North Dakota

Autonomous Nation is a full-day conference bringing together policymakers from the local, state and national levels with industry entrepreneurs and innovators to help make our region the most autonomous-friendly area in the country. The conference will focus on the autonomous industry and the impact it can have across our region, solving issues such as workforce shortages, inefficiencies and technology gaps.

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